Throwback 2k15: London Anime and Gaming Con – (04/07 -05/07)

Hiya Guys!

Who says that a University can’t host an anime and gaming convention? Well, London Metropolitan University can certainly prove them wrong. I was initially surprised seeing an influx of cosplayers, gamers and anime lovers alike into a humble university building.

The Unexpected Host of This Convention

As it was my first time attending to this event, I honestly did not know what to expect but now I can say for certain I’ve enjoyed my experience in this small event compared to bigger more extravagant conventions. It was the nice sense of community, people weren’t in a hurry and willing to strike up a friendly conversation. It was more relaxed with enough seats for everyone to express their mutual interest, also allowing me, my brother and two of the SnatchedOut crew (they shall be introduced … one day), to just rest and chill for our up coming matches.

Don’t worry there’s a nice dose of competition in the air with very good prizes at stake, from cash prizes to 2400 RP for runner-ups. Unfortunately, I was no aware of this and lost at the semi-finals of the doubles League of Legends tournament, missing out on a £100 cash prize, much to my brother’s displeasure. I wasn’t overly impressed with him either during the 5 vs 5 tournament, as he decided to back-stab my team by joining our rivals and knocking us out competition at the semi-finals. Personally, I was pretty peeved off… especially when his team failed abysmally in the finals, when I could have replaced their weakest link (but no harm done).

Most of the tournaments are free to sign up for, but if you want a bit more excitement and diversity, sign up for the mix-up gaming tournament for just £5. You play five randomly selected games from fighters to first person shooters, conquer these games and your rivals then you shall receive a reasonable cash prize and a goodybag courtesy of the sponsors of the event.


Overall, it was a pleasurable change of pace compared to the other events I have attended with a more welcoming environment and I highly recommend it. I look forward to hopefully beating some of you in a match or abysmally failing while trying to do so.

Until next time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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