Throwback 2k15: HYPER JAPAN Festival – (11/07)

Summer rolled up once again bringing HYPER JAPAN Festival along with it. Another event that was formerly held in Earls Court Exhibition Centre has found another popular venue that was the O2, this is mainly due to the planned demolition works that started December 2014.

I had a pretty eventful summer with a series of Sibling Adventures, where my brother and I go gallivanting for fun events on a budget around, which I can truly admit that I was broke by the end of it, but was still one of the best holidays of my life, no less. (I may blog about those another day…)


HYPER JAPAN was bigger than ever, conquering a good portion of the O2 including a section I’ve never heard of Building 6, a standalone superclub, that can be accessed along the side of the O2. This is where Aoi Eir and X Japan performed. Being an unorganized mess, I was not aware of this and missed on Aoi Eir’s mini-concert and was mentally kicking myself. 

Unfortunately, this HYPER JAPAN Festival lacked its charm, of course it had plenty to offer but it felt overly commercialised. I understand they want to rake in some money with the Nintendo section nearly dominating the crowd’s attention. Hence, causing me and my brother to forget about Aoi Eir’s performance. It was a tiring experience compared to the exhilarating ones which I had during the previous HYPER JAPAN events with many booths offering to interact with the audience. As an event gets bigger it’s sense of character gets diluted with its sponsors’ motives. I can’t blame them but it takes away a lot from the event’s fun and exciting atmosphere it used to possess.

Overall, it was a certainly hyper event with plenty to offer, but it had so much to offer that it felt rather overwhelming, slowly draining the energy out of you instead of adding some fuel to your system. It had free performances as well as the diverse Fringe Market along with plenty of stalls about Japanese culture and how to plan your dream holiday there. I won’t say that I thoroughly enjoyed it but I’m hoping that at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market at Tobacco Dock, would bring some missing personality back into this major event.


RIP: Earls Court Exhibition Centre – You will be greatly missed for holding many great events when you were still around, the former home of both EGX (formerly Eurogamer) and Hyper Japan Festival.
(Comment below on your thoughts and whether I should do a throwback of my first Hyper Japan adventure in Earls Court back in 2013, in memory of this historical venue)

Until next time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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