Throwback 2k15: EGX – (27/09)

I sincerely apologize for the irregular posts, still in the process of organising my life until we get new content in for you guys. Now, I shall proceed to cover one of the biggest gaming events of the year: EGX.

EGX formerly known as Eurogamer Expo, has found itself a new spacious home at the NEC, Birmingham, just roughly 120 miles away from it’s old location, Earls Court, London. This move may have caused many London gamers to scream in unison (myself included), however, it has allowed the event to be more accessible to other regions with a vast Midland network with Birmingham International train station providing a direct passage to the event.


Amazing photography skills..

{I shall another post on tips and tricks at surviving certain major events}

EGX was a bundle of gaming madness with freebies being thrown to an audience of hungry savages (myself included), at multiple stages around the event, a gallery of gaming demos and constant influx of people. There was a section for everyone: Retro, Tabletop, AAA to Indie games, all in their own respected areas. Warhammer fans conquered a major region in the tabletop territory with the first playable demo of Total War: WARHAMMER availble at EGX.

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I felt very privileged to enter in the exclusive over 18s section, as my birthday was just two days before attending the event. It was an expansive and rather ‘violent’ area, with the open world madness of Just Cause 3 on your left, the strategic plays of the Rainbow Six: Seige tournament on your right and the sophisticated murders of Assassins Creed: Syndicate up ahead.

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Overall, it was an exhilarating day of walking, queuing, running, buying; everything you expect of every major convention. EGX had made a great home in the NEC, using the expansive venue to its best potential for all: the buyers, the gamers and the hopeful game developers. I highly recommend checking out EGX Rezzed Talks, giving you an insight in the games industry and possible opportunities. Don’t forget to explore Mega Indie Booth packed with little hidden gems such as “Move or Die”, a super hyper fun steam game that adds the perfect action to any party.

Farewell EGX! Until we meet again at next year’s event or at EGX Rezzed at London Tobacco Dock with all your indie needs.

Until next time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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