Throwback 2k15: MCM Comic Con – (24/10)

It’s that time of year again one of the biggest biannual pop-culture events of the year: MCM Comic Con. Though, it doesn’t have the most interesting or popular special guests or panels compared to San Diego and New York. It is by far the one of the largest gatherings of otakus, cosplayers, comic and TV series fanatics to happen in London at the Excel. Armed with a bag of supplies (a bottle of vodka included) and a starting group of 13 mates, I was ready to tackle this event head on, battling through crowds of colourful characters.

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The event has growing exponentially through the recent years, being a London Comic Con veteran for the past four years, I can say for certain that it is definitely booming. More well known stars have decided to stop on by at MCM this year. These include the big names such as Nolan North, the ionic voice actor of Nathan Drake from Uncharted, and Todd Haberkorn, with over 130 voicing roles under his belt.

This has been the only Comic Con that I have not had the time to do everything I originally set out to do. I spent more time browser the Comic Village for independent artist gawking over their talents that only I could even dream of…

I was quite satisified this year but I have only one regret… which makes me want to kick myself, I missed out getting a autograph from Jessica DiCicco, mostly known as the voice actress of Flame Princess from Adventure Time. It was also missing the all-important rave outdoors may have been rudely interrupted by the sudden downpour or the Comic Con after-party taking the dancing spotlight (at an extra cost).

I also witnessed my friend die at in the hands of a pair vicious zombies.

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Oh and look who we spotted! None other than KSI helping his fellow youtuber companion Callux. Our crew was appeared briefly on Callux’s video ‘HE ARRESTED ME’ threatening to shoot us with a Jak and Daxter gun. Check it out at

Until next time,
ImmatureCookie :3


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