Update: Cooking Up Some Ideas

Hiya Guys!

We all know I suffer from severe chronic procrastination along with the start of a new school term and tight budget – definitely don’t help my abysmal update ‘schedule’. “Get your lazy cookie to work”, I constantly say to myself. Unfortunately, self-motivation is very ineffective…

Credits to the artist I attempted to look for

However, during on my first most unproductive week back to school, I managed to conjure up some intriguing ideas that I would attempt to put into practice. I am a person who takes a very long time to work on a post: thinking of ideas, how to word stuff and sailing the internet for images (as well as attempting to give the original creator credit).

As exams are rapidly approaching, I have decided to post one or two weekly posts as follows:

Distraction of the Week [Saturdays]: This can vary from free iPhone apps, anime, YouTube channels or anything that has devoured too much of my time for that week.

Bait The Debate [(Occasional) Wednesdays]: I will release my inner intellectual to discuss interesting topics that have arisen from popular media and how it has influenced modern society.

I will commence this schedule starting from next week.I hope you could participate and enjoy the incoming content. I’ll attempt to add sprinkle of random updates time to time.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3


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