Bait The Debate: YouTube is Changing (Part 1)

Hiya Guys!

We all know that YouTube has drastically changed since it was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, three former PayPal employees, back in February 14, 2005 . There has been continuous improvements to its layout from basic beginnings…

From the bottom…

…to the powerful media outlet we know.

…now we’re here.

I have been growing up with YouTube, first encountering it roughly 8 years ago and over the years have seen plenty of welcomed changes. However, the creative community spirit of YouTube has evidently become a money-making-machine. YouTube is a place for both hope and spiteful greediness.

I’ve been planning to cover this for quite long time but it was not until Markiplier had made a rather touching video on the changing perception on the attitudes of a few YouTube creators that has pushed me to post this.

What viewers tend to forget is that YouTubers are people too, they have their lives outside of posting videos for your entertainment. Several YouTubers are able to make a living with a lucky few becoming a “YouTube Celebrity”.

Most YouTubers without a doubt are bound to unconditionally love their work to be able to put in the hours to pump out videos for the sake of their viewers but the community tend to be hypercritical.

I’ve seen this heavily prevalent in the Creatures fan base especially when SSoHPKC (Seamus) seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth without a word for a long period of time, not just once but twice. Most people were genuinely concern about his well-being as he likes to keep several details of his life private (who can blame him) but the vocal minority certainty doesn’t really encourage him to muster up the motivation to upload once again. His most recent disappearance was due to medical and personal issues. Luckily, he’s back to his video pumping ways but it was one of the many glimpses to the darker side of YouTube.

A handful of people spend their free time to be “keyboard warriors” where dissociative anonymity allow people to comment whatever they want no matter how offensive it may be. It might be for self-gratification or act as new online persona to cover their insecurities no matter for whatever reason it results to the circulation of toxicity around the community and at times attack the creator. 

Giving ‘kids’ full access to the internet could be to blame but plenty of adults are guilty of it too *cough cough* (my evil brother) *cough*.

“It’s their job to upload these video, we can demand whatever we want, they’re just at home all day” – several may argue. True to some degree as they are definitely being paid for the amount of views they achieve but who doesn’t want money for all the work they’ve put in.  Some of the more naive viewers believe it all for the creators love creating videos as it is their passion. They simply can’t afford to do it for free. Smaller YouTubers are using it as means to barely pay their bills.

[Embarassing Flashback Moment]
Personally, I attempted the YouTube route back in 2009 with a CoD montage and two AMVs resulting to 24 subscribers. It was definitely a lot of hard work and fun. Therefore, I understand a content creator’s struggle on YouTube to a certain degree from the occasional hateful comments to no-view-for-a-month phase.

Whilst typing this I realised just long this would take to explore the changes within the YouTube ocean. I will continue to discuss the motives of bigger sharks that have been aggressively devour all the smaller fish that gets in their way.

What your thoughts and opinions? What have your YouTube experience been so far? How long have you been regular YouTube visitor?

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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