Bait The Debate: Youtube is Changing (Part 2)

Hiya Guys!

I had a couple of days in the less eventful section of YouTube enjoying the Let’s Play by smaller channels… little did I know that the Markiplier video would be the spark in the latest YouTube war that is YouTube Drama. A handful of YouTube Celebrities are pinning the blame on everyone else – most notoriously DramaAlert. After the elderly-gamer-being-accused-mistaken-as-convicted-pedophile-fiasco that the host, Keemstar, had publicly apologised for the misunderstanding and harm that was caused. Don’t worry this incident ended on a positive note.

DramaAlert’s description their about page:

Welcome to DramaAlert! Your #1 source for news on the social interations in online entertainment!

In all honesty, it seems more like gossip than news, very similar to the passive aggressive reporting prevalent in The Sun (UK newspaper). Though I have nothing against Keemstar or any tabloid journalist, the general public just really love their drama.

Personally, I dislike gossip and negative ‘drama’, I understand it gives people a hot topic to talk about but it looks more like a bunch of girls idling chatting and giggling over the most recent rumors (no offence to anyone who partake in this sort of activity).

But I digress, after Marklipier posted “YouTube has Changed” on Apr 11, 2016, Pewdiepie decided to jump on the ‘changing YouTube’ wagon and uploaded a video five days later called “YouTube Drama”. Several other YouTubers joined this bandwagon too, I Hate Everything covers this perfectly. The summary of these events are on my previous Distraction of the Week  Past Few Weeks post.

[Tribute to the Worst Video involved in YouTube Drama (In my opinion)]

Ironically, KSI is calling out ‘big YouTubers’ when he, himself, has a massive fan base. However, he does bring up a few good points but just because he’s one of the creators who is having “f***ing time of my [his] life”. I admit I used to be a KSI fan back in the day in his pre-million sub phase.

In reality it’s all about luck, no one knows what is going to be popular and ‘blow up’, how KSI was boasting about his fortune seems rather childish. It’s virtually impossible for a ‘celebrity’ to notice every single fan and appreciate their support causing them to forget that we (the fans) are the people who got them to that position in the first place. Yes, I have met KSI but at a particularly bad time whilst he was making a video and a lot of teen fans pestering him for a picture and I didn’t (I still love you, man). Moving swiftly on…

GradeAUnderA praised as the YouTube’s Outspoken White Knight of Justice, after witnessing just how much ‘Drama’ was growing and decided to target the top 3 contributors: THE YOUTUBERS COMPLAINING ABOUT DRAMA RANT (Exposing Matthew Santoro)

His most recent video is practically the common sense that the internet sometimes lack:

What people don’t see is that this is not a ‘YouTube’ problem, it is a human problem. YouTube is merely a microcosm of society expect that everyone is shrouded of anonymity, this allows the vocal minority to be more aggressive and others to blindly follow the crowd. Before I go a psychology and sociology lecture….

Can we just stop with this YouTube Drama, please?

I’ve invested too many hours watching these videos about mere arguments between two or more parties.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

What are your opinions? Is drama a waste of energy or a great conversation starter? Am I slowly losing my sanity?

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