Distraction of the Week: DomiNations

Hiya Guys!

I’m a person with an attention span of a five-year-old kid (well…I am mentally 13). Instead of spending my time wisely towards revision I scour the internet and app store to kill time. I usually invest a lot of time in a free iPhone app for a two weeks then grow tired of it then uninstall it once I’ve had my fun.


The Distraction of the Week is DomiNations – a free iPhone game and possible lovechild  of Clash of Clash and Civilization. Along with its similar town interface and combat as CoC and the nation selection with provide certain perks from Civ.


Honestly, I’m surprised I am still playing this for two months now but it just have its own addictive charm. Personally, I have a soft spot for CoC, investing countless hours on CoC and being around before ‘Dark Elixir’ was introduced. On the other hand, I have played absolutely 0 hours on any Civ game, despite having Civ V in my Steam library. However, I have frantically watched as much play-throughs  as possible fueling my fascination of this by this critically acclaimed  game.


DomiNations was an essential breakthrough that developer Big Huge Games needed with the aid of their publisher Nexon. Nexon is more renowned for publishing MapleStory (developed by Wizet) being a highly popular 2D MMORPG that many people have fond childhood memories of. On March 9, 2016, Nexon announced that it had acquired Big Huge Games due its success with DomiNations being downloaded over 19 million times as of March 2015.

[Quick Starter Overview]

The available Nations to choose from along with their perks:

  • British (Increases the loot stolen during attacks by 15%.)
  • Chinese (Increases Citizens, Mercenary Army and Defender capacity by 1)
  • French (Reduces army training time by 20% and receive more donated troops)
  • Germans (Decreases cooldown and increase duration on rally on rally – Gains 15% DPS boost after victory)
  • Greeks (5% Upgrade refunds – Free upgrades under 15 minutes)
  • Japanese (Town Center acts as a Archer Tower  – Increases length of peace treaties by 25%)
  • Koreans (Addition war tactic and 10% refund on stolen loot by other players)
  • Romans (Increases max army size by 10%)

If you enjoy anything remotely similar to Civ and CoC, then DomiNations could be casual alternative. It’s free on the App store so why not give it ago? Which nation would you choose?

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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