Distraction of the Week: Clash Royale

Hiya Guys!

As explained in my DomiNations overview, I do consider myself a Clash of Clans veteran evidently shown at my two accounts below:

(Nuff said)

I joined this popular band-wagon after my friends countless discussions about the free app drove me insane. My dominant competitiveness within me was raring to catch up and even surpass them in a couple of days. A little after 1 month and a half – I’ve already unexpectedly reached level 7. #SacrificeGradesForGames (I am really not a good role model.)

It’s a fun casual game you can open up whenever you’re free or when a chest is unlocked. It utilises familiar troops from CoC as well as Clash Royale originals in the form of cards. You have a constantly refilling exliar bar of a maximum of 10, this is consumed whenever you use a card to dispatch some troops.


Therefore, it’s an easy game to grasp but a hard one to master. You to learn how to play tactically and be a few steps ahead of your enemy. However, everyone has their own playstyle so it’s also important to figure out what deck synergies you are most confidence with.


There’s nothing else I can say to help you. It’s all about trail and error. You could either outsmart the enemy or beat with brute force or a massive horde of skeletons… Just use your elixir as efficiently as you can.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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