London Anime and Gaming Con Hype: 3 Days to Go!



What’s this year’s Gaming Highlights?

Let’s Get Competitive!

The event will see close to 100 setups and over 200 gaming titles available to choose from. Gaming shall take place in five areas; the Tournaments Zone (and stage), the Publishers Zone, the Indies Zone, the Eclipse Computers LAN Zone, and the Retro Hangout.

[Tournaments commence on Saturday until Sunday



Tournaments Zone
There’s a range of tournaments on offer from Street Fighter V Headline (with a £100 cash prize), Smash Wii U Doubles to  Mario Kart 8 and many more. All winners will get a full ticket each to the next London Anime and Gaming Con worth £29.

Eclipse Computers LAN Zone
Assemble your team for the League Of Legends 5v5, where you will compete for the £100 cash prize and the Eclipse Arena LoL Trophy.



Tournaments Zone
Fight through the intense Smash4 Wii U Singles (Headline Tournament with £100 cash prize), score big with Rocket League and beat them all in Street Fighter V. Winners will get a full ticket to the next London Anime & Gaming Con worth £29 to hopefully compete again.

Eclipse Arena LAN Zone

Grab your most trusty partner for the League Of Legends: 2v2 with a London Anime & Gaming Con (LAGC) ticket each for the Summer.

The Official LAGC Con Book is now available HERE.

Can’t wait to get your tickets? Tickets can be bought at a discounted £29 for the all three days now HERE and the party thrown into this bundle. For more information on the event check out

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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