London Anime and Gaming Con Hype: 2 Days to Go!



What’s this year’s Cosplay Highlights?

Cosplays Events, Stars and Community will form the basis of the cosplay lineup as part of the event’s drive to become the home of UK Cosplay. With an entire stage now dedicated to cosplay, a cosplay zone and photography area and many fun cosplay events, here’s the top highlights of what to look forward to.

The Cosplay Community Coming Together

Cosplay is a universal expression of one’s love to creativity and their favourite franchise or series – bringing the frictional world to life. The Cosplay Chillout Area is the hub of UK’s top cosplay stars and provide a great opportunity for cosplayers at various levels to form new friendships.



TWO Cosplay Masquerade with a £100 top prize

Show off your cosplaying might! Cosplayers are welcome to enter LAGC’s cosplay contest on the Sunday, with £100 cash prize for the winner and a chance to enter the UK Cosplay Championship finals in October! For more info how to enter, go HERE.


Cosplay Workshops

A brand new area being added to LAGC for the first time – a chance to sit down and make your own cosplay items or be shown how to. Workshops shall include Cat-Ear Making, Worbla Crafting, Cosplay Patterning, Eva Foam Workshop and more!

The Official LAGC Con Book is now available HERE.

It’s your last chance to buy discounted tickets online! What are you waiting for? Buy them now HERE. For more information on the event check out

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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