London Anime and Gaming Con Hype: IS HERE!



What’s going down on Today?

This is London Anime & Gaming Con first three day event! Friday is a special opening day – the fun begins from midday until midnight. Check out these recommended Friday Highlights.

~Unfortunately, I am not able to come today but I’m definitely attending tomorrow~

[Yes, this is a rescheduled post… Opps – New 2 Days to Go Post HERE]


Lightsabre Combat Academy Q&A, 4pm Upstairs Stage

LudoSport is the first and only international Academy for competitive Lightsabre combat. Sounds interesting? Check them out to learn more of their light-saber wielding ways. Here’s a snippet on their current campaign:

Lord Zedd’s Guide to Anime Writing, 7pm Upstairs

Voice Actor Guest of honour Robert Axelrod will be doing four talks during the course of the event. His first talk would be his guide to  write a studio-ready Anime script. Open to any budding script writers or anyone curious. Immense yourself in the the complicated and magical world of script writing.


Karaoke, 9pm-11pm

Sing your lungs and heart out in the back room for all three evenings! Come and join the jovial singing band-wagon! It’s a great excuse to release your inner diva. However, if singing is not for you, there are fun parties every night in the main area as well!

The Official LAGC Con Book is now available HERE.

It’s your last chance to buy discounted tickets online! What are you waiting for? Buy them now HERE. For more information on the event check out

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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