Thrifty Day Out: East End Thrift Store + DnB (03/07/2016)

Hiya Guys!

You all might be wondering why I didn’t attend the Sunday session of LAGC. Due to my impulsive cheapskate tendencies I found myself attending free music event – DRUM&BASS, hosted by UKFLive and the Ministry of Sound after going to a £1 Thrift Sale. For those who haven’t seen my coverage on Saturday’s LAGC events check it out HERE.

First stop of this Thrifty Day Out was a blast from the past delivered by The East End Thrift Store, a popular East London vintage hotspot with the occasional £1 or fill-a-bag sale. They have massive of heaps of stock reflective of numerous decades from the classic leather jackets to the bold floral print dresses that your mum might have wore once upon a time. Just a short walk away from Stepney Green tube station there’s no reason to not to stop by. If you’re a cheapskate and/or have a love for vintage – this is the perfect shop for you.

Our second and final stop is: Untitled

I spotted this whilst desperately looking for cheap/free events happening near me to prevent the onset of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). But in seriousness I really did want some BBQ but it was all a lie… Nonetheless the inner DnB head awaken in the midst of the banging music, the atmosphere was ecstatic and my hunger was subsided. You can never really go wrong with a free event. You can always leave with you wallet intact (if it doesn’t get pick-pocketed).

There is always something happening in London no-matter your taste and you might not need to spend a penny if you’re lucky.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

Simply loving this minimalistic wallpaper art, credits to AJ Montpetit at MNMLWALLS.

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