Bait The Debate: The Ugly Side of Pokémon Go (Part 1)

Pokémon Go has finally arrived in the UK!


After spending a day with the app and my Pokémon obsessed companions, I’ve experienced the sheer enjoyment this augmented reality gem brings…Unfortunately, it is diamond in the rough at this very moment, so rough it could actually be used as sandpaper.

Despite all this, I genuinely believe it’s an amazing concept and wouldn’t hesitate to jump on the bandwagon if it weren’t for several major flaws the release currently has…

1) It’s a mediocre game with a Pokémon sticker on it

Serious talk here. Would there really be this much hype for an extraordinarily buggy release? Honestly, this just barely scrapping open beta, it’s more like an open bug build. Let’s say another company, heck even the same company, released a nearly identical app but without the Pokémon name. It would most highly likely be a flop. Not even Digimon can save it.

Take the Invizimals franchise for example, a majority of you wouldn’t have heard about it. However, this was one of the first moderately successful augmented reality games that was first released in November 13, 2009 on the original PlayStation Portable (PSP). This is a proper example of what every AR game should strive for.

Yes, it requires cards, it doesn’t have GPS, it doesn’t use landmarks as gyms, blah, blah, blah…However, the first game was released nearly a 7 years ago and on older technology. Honestly, I would pick Invizimals over Pokémon Go any day with its marginally better gameplay along with its pixelated glory.

Don’t get me wrong. It is evident that the developers and everyone involved creating Pokémon had put in an incredible effort into producing it. But witnessing Niantic release an app that they knowing fully well that it is far from complete – just hurts the computing student within me. Though it is a successful commercial strategy release patches and updates periodically –  it’s all just apart of their money making ploy

I’ve just noticed how long this rant is going to take. This is just one of the reasons I currently dislike Pokémon Go. It’s more a love-hate relationship at the moment and I want some people to actually acknowledge some of the flaws rather than be blinded by nostalgia. Pokémon Go has to fix itself before I consider a long-term commitment with it…

What are your thoughts? I’m willing to fight you in a civilised manner using written language.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3


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