Bait The Debate: The Ugly Side of Pokémon Go (Part 2)

The Pokémon Go hype is dying out and I have still not yet finished this four part rant…
To be honest, I’m running out of ranting steam, it takes way too much energy.

This will be the final part.

Missed out? Check out the first part whilst I still had the anger in my system HERE.

2) Some users lack logic

The app can’t be blamed for other people’s stupidity. However, an app that diverts your attention every other step or so does not help. Yes, Ninatic and The Pokémon Company, people are giving your app a bad name.

Though unknowingly walking into private property is excusable.

Loitering in massive groups around quiet residential areas, driving whilst throwing virtually Pokéballs and walking into poles – are definitely not excusable.

Logo Censored
My message in a nutshell…

Please use your head before you lose it.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

Credits to the artist who’s watermark is barely visible.
Paint was used in the censoring of this picture.

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