Distraction of the Week: The Walking Dead – Road to Survival

Who watches The Walking Dead? Because I certainly do not. I have a nervous disposition regarding anything remotely related to thriller horrors and jump-scares. I would love to watch it but I just don’t have guts.

That doesn’t mean I know nothing of the series. Honestly, I hold American TV series with high regard in such as Dexter, TWD, iZombie… The list goes on.


It’s just due to my short attention span, miscellaneous work and my YouTube watching routine virtually leaves with barely anytime. University is coming round the corner and I still haven’t got my life in order.

So what is TWD – Road to Survival? Surprise, surprise – it’s another free iPhone app developed and released by Scopley and Skybound Entertainment with the aid of TWD series creator Robert Kirkman . It’s a regular strategy game with that generic static town you have to continuous improve and build upon.


Why are I am so addicted to it? Because it is not one of those cardboard-cut-out-games where you wait around until your troops raid another fort or town.  In actually it is turn-based-combat, you assign team members with traits system similar to the concept of rock, paper, scissors. Along with supplies that would give you the upper hand.


Along the road to survival (title reference tho) you face groups and survivors, most likely with the worst intentions. The game has choices that can effect on which characters get killed off.

It also has a bundle of characters from the TV series, TellTale games and comics mingling with whole cast of game exclusives. You could choose either to explore the main story line, jump into the side stories on the Roadmap or participate in Raids where your best team faces of another player’s top team.



Let me remind you – it is FREE. Best thing about free apps is that you can try them out for yourselves and have very little to no consequences expect for an ounce of your spare time.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

What free apps are you currently addicted to and that you would recommend? 

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