Uni Life: It Finally Begins…

Yes, I have disappeared and with good reason – I’m officially a University student. Do you what this means? FRESHERS WEEK! When they say week they mean two weeks of parties, activities and some debauchery.

I’ve officially enrolled to my Uni on Friday but looking like a fourteen-year-old doesn’t help when you attempt to order a drink or enter a club. Bringing my passport with me everywhere is potentially dangerous idea. Therefore, I decided to apply for a provisional driving licence at cost of £34.

Saturday comes round with an exciting UV Light Party. There’s one major problem through….


I actually do have a pound left both virtually and in my pocket but £2 can’t get me in anywhere.

So as I wait for Student Finance to drop in heroically – I’ll be here drawing these ugly comic strips in the meantime.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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