Uni Life: Lectures

Opps! I forgot about you guys. The days had just gone by super quickly and exams are already three weeks away…

Lectures are a key part of university life – you might luckily get an surprisingly interesting lecture by a professor who has a bit of energy in them. Or mind-numbingly dull ones.

There’s also a rare case of DEATH lectures. This may or may not be lecture-induced death but could also be an amazing concoction of a hungover, sickness and the contemplation of your life so far. The conditions of the lecture room can also worsen your fragile state being either too hot or too cold as well as sitting on the floor with the room overflowing with students.

In my three official weeks in university – I can certainly say I’ve experienced all three and lived to tell the tale.

This is the regular routine of a university student.   lectures-copy

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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