Update: Winter Break

As you may have noticed – there had been nothing but radio silence around here…

All with good reason/excuses that I hope you can forgive me for:

  1. Winter is when my productivity levels pummels
  2. It’s hibernation season therefore I sleep for the majority of the day
  3. Marathoning mangas and TV series drain all my spare time
  4. Currently running low on funds to explore any events
  5. ~The weather outside is frightful~
Basically – I’ve been super lazy.

That’s the truth but it’s good to distance yourself from your hobbies time to time so they don’t feel like a chore. I honestly LOVE working on the site but I’m also craving from some Starcraft II action (I miss HuskyStarcraft‘s commentaries).

Don’t worry I still have content I need to upload before the New Year. While I’m at it, I’ll continue fixing up the site and set out some achievable goals for 2017.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

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