[Review] Southwark Playhouse Presents: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Disclaimer: I have yet watched Kiki’s Delivery Service Ghibli movie adaption or read the original book prior to watching this production or typing up this review…

I know what you might be thinking – how could I have not yet watched Kiki’s Delivery Service?

Who cares? This is a wonderful performance to start off another blogging year!


There is only one reason: I have not felt the urge to watch any Ghibli movie.

I have watched Spirited Away twice just because a family friend lent it to me for a week to entertain a couple of friends during my 13th birthday. I also managed to watch the last 30 minutes of Howls Moving Castle as it was being aired on Film4.

Don’t worry I do intend to watch every Ghibli movie eventually. I might actually go and watch Kiki’s Delivery Service once I finish writing this review (or not).


To be honest, I spontaneously bought these tickets on New Year’s Day. Even though, I knew of the production before it ran from 8 December 2016 – 8 January 2017, I was unsure on when and who to watch it with.


Enough is enough and in the early hours of 2017. I bought two tickets.

One for me and one for my nephew who was hospitalised on Christmas Day. This was last minute gift for him and an exciting show for me to cover.

We watched it on the final Thursday (5th January), which happened to be his first day back at school.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed an absolute magical blast in an intimate venue with sprinkles of crowd interaction as the actors dash around stage. It was hard to believe that there were only six actors – they consistently and flawlessly transitioned between different characters.

image 2.jpg
Photograph: ©Richard Davenport

The feel-good vibes they released resonated around the room and did not fail to bring a smile to our faces.

image (1).jpg
Photograph: ©Richard Davenport

The Southwark Playhouse holds a special place in many Londoners hearts. Formerly located at Southwark Bridge Road, then moved into the vaults underneath London Bridge railway station, before it moved once more to finally find its new home right next to Elephant & Castle Centre.

Photograph: ©TimeOut

Plenty of young Londoners have had their first experience of theatre at Southwark Playhouse that provided a performances to schools.

Personally, my first experience was a Japanese rendition of Midsummer Night’s Dream performed in my primary school. However, I watched a more tradition take of Richard III at Southwark Playhouse, while it operated in the vaults, when I was in secondary.

Overall, I recommend Southwark Playhouse for everyone, it has established itself as one of London’s leading studio theatres with its quirky and cosy atmosphere

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

I’m most likely going to review another Southwark Playhouse production, soon.

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