Uni Life: Commitments

Commitments – tasks or activities that one is obliged to do. One of those is this blog which I inherently forsaken for a week and a few days. Readjusting to uni life isn’t as simple at it seems, especially now that I’m on the basketball team.

One has a certain amount of energy in their bank – mine runs on empty at the end of each day. Some days, I just want to bury myself under my bedsheets, chill and sleep. However, commitments and responsibilities drag me out of bed whilst I scream internally.

Winter doesn’t help. Gravity is amplified by ten-fold when getting out of bed and the days are especially dreary. It feels as though the sun hiding from your disgraceful face in the morning behind layers upon layers of clouds.


Enough with metaphors. Basically, I’m barely at home nowadays.

In actuality, I’m writing this post in Westfield Stratford, a shopping centre, waiting to support the first team. It’s surprisingly hard to balance out plans as investing into one thing will result to a loss to another.

In this case it is this blog. (I will draw the comic strip once I get home. Pinky Promise)

Please forgive me. There’s a LOT coming up this year a couple of concerts and official basketball games. ALL of which I am excited for.

Here’s the situation:


Throw all of these into the blender with my university timetable and we bump into a lot of problems…

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

Confession: I drew this strip four days after I written this post…
PS: Here’s the basketball club video I helped film.

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