Uni Life: Hit-Or-Miss

As explained in the previous post I am now an official member of the university basketball team.

But you may not know is that I’m on the second team. I admit I am relatively decent – already reowned for my shots. Therefore, I was super stoked to play in my first official game with the team. I was confident that we will were going to do pretty well.



Oh how wrong I was…

Hit Or Miss.png
I’m a disappointment

However, due to my poor shooting percentage in the game – I’ve earned the nickname ‘Air Ball Curry’. In case you didn’t know, ‘air ball’ means that it’s completely off the mark, not even touching the backboard.


The final score was an abysmal 5 – 11, scores so low it hurts me right in the heart.

I could be compared to Ricky Rubio, one of my favourite players of all time, he’s just like the real-life version of Koroko. Amazing and crafty passes that never ceases to make me gasp in admiration but has the one of the worst shooting percentage for a point guard in the NBA.

He is miles better than me and always will be a basketball idol to me.

I’m going to reconsider my basketball dreams…

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

PS: I have also just lost at my second game.
Final score: 15 – 39.

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