Distraction Of The Week: Comics

I am a sucker of every form of media as they have the ability to evoke the emotions deep within us.

As previously stated on this site, I consider myself a retired otaku, who was formerly obsessed with anime and manga as a form of escapism and art.

It’s just fascinating that music, art and voice-acting could come to form a beautiful amalgamation of not just anime but animation as a whole. It is the unification of these talents that produce captivating stories of every genre.

This is applicable to EVERY kind of media.

Comics being one of the strongest forms of media with stories and characters that resonate throughout the generations. From days of imitating your childhood superheroes from books and comics to witnessing them struggle through hellish experiences.

There is no doubt that the world of comics is expansive and diverse as the world at large. Marvel and DC Comics being around for decades – they have touched sensitive topics here and there.

Credit to this outstanding artist…

I just watched Logan three days ago, with barely any recollection of the X-Men cineverse (cinematic universe) or the Marvel one at that. I will not write a review as I  believe I am not in the position to review it. It’s a combination of my lack of knowledge in the comic department but that the fact that there are plenty of reviews of it online already: IGN and wired.

One word to describe Logan: SAD.

Just go watch the movie if it remotely interest you in anyway and a fantastic farewell to Hugh Jackman’s 17 year career as Wolverine on the big screen. Here’s an useful video to watch after you’ve seen the movie to see how it fits X-Men cinematic timeline.

However, before watching Logan, I was catching up on a LOT of comic related content as evident of my YouTube history:

Comic History.png

There are plenty of awesome comic dedicated YouTube channels, here let me throw you some of them:

Also here’s a bonus video from Wisecrack on the philosophical arguments that could be found in comics – most specifically Batman:

I’m pretty curious… Are you a Marvel or DC Comics fanboy/girl?

There are plenty of heated discussions from both sides of the argument. I’ll sit on the sidelines eating popcorn.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

Too bad I’ve eaten all my popcorn already…
I might also do a RUNAWAYS review (the only comic I own)

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