Uni Life: Decisions

I got a confession to make…

I COULD have had a review on a lil duo called The Chainsmokers in the rather intimate gig at Roundhouse.

Too bad.

I sold the tickets at a relatively low resale price at that.

Was I free that day? Yes
Did I have something else to do? No
Will it potentially be their last gig at an intimate venue? Most highly likely
Am I writing whilst on the tube (underground)? Yes

Before you all kill me for denying you all some delicious content.

There was one underlying reason why I ultimately didn’t go: I had NO ONE to share my experience with…

I always ensure that I share my experiences with all of you as well as another person I know personally to thoroughly enjoy this fun night out with.

Well, I was missing that one person. One way or another, everyone I knew were just unable to be able to attend. If I went alone, I wouldn’t be able to chat to a friend and recall the events fondly when we catch up one day. I would feel rather selfish at the fact that I didn’t take another person with me to make a exciting memory with.

It was initially a hard choice for me – an exclusive gig from arguably the most popular DJ duo, at one of my favorite venues in Camden, Roundhouse. It was most likely going to an overly energetic crowd and a crazy night to remember.


However, looking back on it, I do not regret selling the tickets – I gave to people just excited as I was to see The Chainsmokers. The first release of the tickets for the earlier days were sold out nearly instantly and it was a miracle that I managed to get 25th February (one of dates that were added due to high demand) in a middle of a lecture.

Not only no one was available to accompany me. My internal battery was running extremely low. I had one of sleep after clubbing at Heaven and my body was screaming for a break. My adrenaline would have powered me on if I did end up going to the concert but it was a smart decision to just study and sleep the night away.

My grades would thank me later…

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

I’ve done all my uni work this week…Praise me

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