Uni Life: Early-Bird

Look, I am an inherently lazy person with a very limited internal battery. Don’t worry my life has not been thrown into disarray.


In fact, I had a very fun time at a charity basketball tournament and won half of our games but did not proceed to the finals. It’s considered a little bit embarrassing when one of the games we lost was to the football team from the same university…

c570ed11a536c914eba072f0d0dbc047After a rather relentless day of basketball action, one deserves a break, right? I did just that slept as soon as I got home – unable to even reach my bedroom just slept in the sofa. That should be good enough. Well, not for me. Soon after going to church the next day, I went straight to bed and did not wake up until 6PM. I still felt extremely exhausted.

I basically done NOTHING productive.

As a university student, the most common problem is the lack of sleep – balancing socialising, studying and working is a difficult task.

Luckily, for me work is extremely flexible if you consider this website/blog as a job (more like voluntary freelancing… but who cares?).

On a serious note, however, please prioritise your well-being above everything else, sleep is usually neglected by many of us. Some people need more sleep than others.

Personally, I’m an early bird and usually feel best with 5-6 hours of sleep but the same can’t be said with others.

This could both be a blessing or a curse.

Early Bird.png


Beware of those birds…


Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

Currently typing this post instead of prepping for my lab…

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