[Review] Noël Coward Theatre Presents: Half A Sixpence

After the mild disappointment from Jersey Boys, I was really looking forward to watching Half A Sixpence.

Ain’t I lucky watching two West End productions in the space of five days? Well, it certainly felt like I was theatrically spoiled.

It looked like just my cup of tea – a happy go luck tale of romance.

As I do with the majority of musicals I went into this one completely blind. Did I regret not?

Nope certainly not, in fact I was blown away. The amount of energy exuded from every single cast member on stage and operators in the behind the scenes ensuring that the performance proceeded seamlessly. If you don’t beleive me just watch this:

 I was taken by surprised whilst researching this musical as it based on the comedic social novel Kipps: The Story of a Simple Soul written by H.G. Wells and was his own favourite work despite being renowed as the “father of science fiction”.
Music and lyrics was orginally by David Heneker and orginally playwritten by Beverley Cross. It was written as a vehicle for British pop star Tommy Steele, considered Britain’s first teen idol and explains Arthur Kipps obessesion with the banjo.
It has had multiple renditions in the West End, Broadway and on the big screen during the 1960’s. It returned on a UK Tour in 2008, fast-forward to 2016 where it landed itself in Chichester Festival Theatre until it was revived back at the West End at Noël Coward Theatre.

The overwhelmingly postive reception has extended the productions orginal run four times and was orginally due to end 11 February 2017. Luckily, that has been pushed back to 2 September 2017.

I absolutely loved it. Perfect seats. Perfect view. Filled with on stage coordinated mayhem, jovial singing and sprinkled with plenty innuendos. This amazing cocktail would guarantee you a night filled with laughter and giggles.
This and Bend It Like Beckham are currently fighting for my top musical spot. I just can’t choose. I’m dying for a Bend It revival but I’m definitely rewatching Half A Sixpence at least two more times.
Double entendre galore. Comedy Gold. Just go and see it.

Until Next Time,
ImmatureCookie :3

[Seen on 27/03/2017 – 4 days after Jersey Boys] [Written on 07/04/2017]

My posting game is super weak…

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