Uni Life 2: Pre-freshers’ Flu

Uni Life is back its for its second year. Even though, it is my second year in uni, it is actually my first year of my degree therefore I am officially a fresher. Now, it’s the fifth week of uni…

I was highly looking forward to the start of this year. I missed my friends, basketball training and a daily excuse to leave the house.

Let’s just say, my immune system did not agree with me. I attended two  freshers events last year as a fresher fresher and got the notorious freshers flu.

This year I attended zero events. Nanda. Nope. Not a single one.

Do you know why?

Uni Life - Prefreshers Flu.jpg

So I stayed at home for the most part while everybody partied. It’s okay as I didn’t miss out on anything major but let’s just say it was a great start to the year.

What else will these coming weeks will bring?

Until Next Time,
Immature cookie :3

 spoiler alert: bad luck is chasing me.

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