I’m Back! Slightly better than ever…

Guess who’s back from hiatus!

Other than being stranded in Dubai for three days and immersing myself in nature in the Philippines – I am now in my fourth week of university.

Honestly speaking, I’m already behind but I’m working at my upmost ability to get ahead of the curve this year.


Ironically enough, my mental health started acting up again during Mental Health Week three weeks ago. This caused me to further extend to my hiatus to fortify myself.

Everything is about balance and while I was on holiday, my mind was restless at the thought of “neglecting” this baby of mine. It’s taken me a while to live in the moment and stop mentally reviewing everything I’ve experienced.

That means LESS GOING OUT… the HORROR!


Equals to less content BUT that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped going to events entirely. It’s just means that I need to return to a pattern to start being more consistent. Until I find this formula – I’ll be posting LONG OVERDUE posts in the meantime.

For glimpses of events that I might or might not post about will be on my Instagram @ImmatureCookie.

PLUS, I may have found myself my very own sidekick to help steer this ship! She’ll pop up eventually…


Until Next Time,

Salve Salvaña

I’ve started reading again!

Ouch! There goes my dyslexia again…

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