Meet the Team

We at Snatched Out Of Reality Group are a bundle of students just trying to squeeze every bit of fun with a very tight budget. We review events and other pop-culture activities to suggest whether they are worth your time, money and energy.


Blog Administrator and Founder 
Salve Salvaña (also known as ImmatureCookie)
Regularly uses the website as an excuse to leave the house and explore what the world without a concrete plan. A retired otaku that has decided to utilise their free time – that was previously reserved for anime, for blogging and surprisingly socialising for once.

Phuoc Ngo (also known as my GBF)
Aspiring fashion designer complete with tons of sass and fabulousness to fill a rainbow. More critical than Salve and is usually downright brutally blunt. He has just the right amount of attitude that just gets people coming back for more.


[Retired Members]

Half of the YouTube Duo
Adrian Lustyk
 (also known as Snatched Out Adison)
One of the two minds that formulated the Snatched Out YouTube Channel idea and currently forging some good content. Lives and breathes gaming if they ain’t in University or marathoning a game – he seizes every opportunity to Penny board all over London.

Will be moving back to Poland this summer…

The Other Half
Oleksandr Musyka

The most artistically inclined one of the bunch. The main camera man for those rare YouTube vlogs and Adison’s Penny boarding partner. A budding animator/illustrator and currently pursuing his Disney dreams.

Has decided to pursue his own creative outlet…